Since 2008. Cupcakes and Friendship began as a way to reach out to those working in the sex industry. We take a team and go into the clubs and we give the girls cupcakes and gifts with the simple message of "we love you no matter what". Through this we build relationships with the women. Through relationships, comes trust, through trust, comes the ability to open up and accept there is a God and people who love them. We meet with the women for coffee and lunch and try to evaluate their needs and how to give them the right resources. 

We make it our goal to provide friendship, hope, resources, professional development, resume writing, interviewing skills, Bible studies, church, safe houses, and our upcoming drop in center to those working in the strip clubs.  In the midst of showing them unconditional love, we show them Jesus Christ and that without Him full restoration isn't possible, but through Him all things are possible.