You can make a difference. Do you have a heart to show love to those in the sex industry and to be an example of God's love?



This ministry is funded completely on donations. Your donation allows us to continue to go to the clubs and bring gifts, food and meet practical needs when they arise.

Through your gift and continued support we can grow to other cites, train and equip people with the same heart of shining the light of Jesus in dark places. 

Donate your time. We can always use volunteers on our team for outreach events. Please message us if you would like to be involved. 



If you like to bake this is the ministry for you to help. Every outreach we take cupcakes to the clubs. Through something so sweet and small a big impact is made. Contact us if this is something you are interested in. 


photography/social media

Are you gifted in the areas of photography and social media? We would love to have you on board with out team. Email your information and we get back to you. 


Pray specifically that doors would continue to be opened and that souls would be touched. If it wasn't for the power of prayer this ministry would not be possible. To be in direct communication with the Father is how we love no matter what.

Spread the Word/get trained

Become aware and knowledgable of the traps of human trafficking. Tell your friends and family of the dangers that come along with being involved in the sex industry. Become a voice and an advocate of human trafficking. Learn that not all women working in the sex industry are victims of human trafficking. Sign up for one of our training dates to learn the difference and become knowledgeable in spreading the love of Jesus in strip clubs. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and spread the word. Join our email list and receive a notification on current events, outreach and training dates, and testimonials. 



Become a mentor to one of these women. Have coffee with them. Be someone to help lead and guide them. If you have a heart to get to really know these women and be someone they can go to and let their walls down with please contact us and we can get you started. 

becoming a partner

Are you involved or run an organization that we can partner with to help these women and be a resource for us. Please contact us.


We are committed to seeing the lives of women changed, one city at a time. Contact us for training dates and details if you would like to start a Cupcakes and Friendship ministry in your city. 


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