Kresa's story

My new walk with Jesus started at the lowest point in my life. With no one to turn to, I went back to my childhood love, Jesus. He never left me, I turned away from Him. He was always with me, even when I was lost in my sin. I was sixteen when I got pregnant with my first son and seventeen when I had my second son. I was just a young girl with two babies to take care of. I wanted to give my boys a great life. I didn't want to be a teen mom on welfare. I dropped out of high school and went looking for a job. I had a friend that worked at the local gentlemen's club, so I went there to get a job as a waitress. As I watched the dancers take money from these men I thought to myself how much I could make to take care of my children. I auditioned and was hired at the age of 18. I was in this business for seventeen years. My new name was "Kali". I was the 1998 Showgirl of the year and 1999 Pole-Olympic champion of the year. From there I traveled from city to city working at the Deja'-Vu clubs across the nation. I was paid thousands for dollars to preform shows at the clubs. I thought I was on top of the world. Everyone new my name. I was the "it-girl". Everyone wanted a piece of me, but there was nothing left of the real me. I had nothing more to give. 

A tragic event happened that left me devastated. That was when I turned back to Jesus. I walked away from the money and fame and never looked back. It hasn't been easy struggling to survive. Feeling the unconditional love that Jesus has for me, I feel richer and more loved than ever before in those seventeen years of being a dancer. 

Jesus loves and forgives us for our sins. Everything I was searching for was actually Jesus Christ and His unfailing love. He has put the desire in my heart to go back to the strip clubs and just love on the girls. I am so honored that Jesus has called me to this ministry to be his hands and feet, and to show the girls the love that He has for them.


Leslie's story

I have a friend named Kresa, she was a dancer at the strip club. I never saw her like that. I just saw her as my friend. Our friendship grew over the years. She went through something horrible in her life and she needed Jesus. She readily accepted the invitation to church and she hasn't been the same since. Kresa and I were together everyday after that. We both had a desire to go into the clubs and share the love of Jesus to girls in the industry. When I go into the clubs, I look at the girls and all I can see is my friend, trapped. 

I struggled with the fact that Jesus was calling me into the clubs. I was never a dancer, how was I going to relate to these women. Why were they going to listen to me? What made me qualified to do this ministry? Jesus! It's Jesus that they are drawn to. It's Jesus that qualifies us. Jesus said "go". He didn't say only if you have been through this or only if you have been in church for this many years. All He said was "go and make disciples of all nations" The Holy Spirit equips us. The Holy Spirit is the one that draws people. After I realized all this, the pressure was removed and off we went. 

Kresa and I have always called each other friendship and the girls in the clubs named us the cupcake girls. What a better name than Cupcakes and Friendship.